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Long Term Care Insurance

Asset protection strategies are an integral part of any financial plan. Many people take steps to prevent depletion of assets in the form of insurance plans. This type of planning serves to transfer the risk of unwelcome expenses away from you and your family, thereby protecting the asset base you have worked so hard to accumulate.

If you're like most people, you have been saving for retirement to generate an income that would allow you to maintain your desired lifestyle. However, with recent medical advances, people are living longer. With longer life expectancies, the possibility of needing care in retirement has increased. Have you factored the cost of care into your retirement needs?

To help preserve your retirement plan, factoring the possible costs of care into your future projections are crucial. One way to plan ahead for unexpected long term care needs is to transfer the financial risk to an insurance company, thereby leveraging your dollars.

With your advisor at Secure Advisors we will analyze your financial position to help determine if a long term care solution is right for you, along with what products and services are available to best meet your needs. We use specialist in this ever changing field to help ensure the proper coverage is selected.